HR Policy

Work in our company - is:

  • confidence in the future
  • stable of salary
  • constantly operating program's Employee Motivation
  • team of professionals
  • training opportunities and career development for young professionals and for professionals with work experience.

We are always glad to see among their employees, enthusiastic professionals in the business and are ready to provide them with an opportunity for development, career development, increasing the level of professional knowledge. We guarantee social protection, decent of salary and confidence in the future.

By implementing agro-projects in the regions of Ukraine, we are creating new jobs for the local population of towns and villages. To use the elevators, we also attract young professionals and graduates of leading agricultural universities in Ukraine.

We do not limit ourselves to the current organizational structure and value of knowledge of graduates of specialized universities, and therefore consider qualified candidates even in the absence of open positions, creating new opportunities for the development of the potential of youth.