LC "Mill Base" is the manufacturer of wheat flour and bran TM "Bread master". High quality and environmentally friendly and flour of the highest and flour of the  first varieties produced on the equipment of Turkish company (address capacity Zhytomyr region ., Andrushivka city, Lysenka street, 22), of which grain grown using modern technologies to international standards. Multi grain cleaning, moisturizing, flexible technological scheme allows the grinding of grain flour as needed to customers under contracts.

The products are packed in polypropylene bags 50 and 25 kg. Control over quality of grain and manufactured goods has certified laboratory. All products are certified. Finished goods carried by road (semitrailer-tank) and rail. Products sold unpacked and packaged way different packaging.

Also provide services for processing grain toll.

Productivity - 70 tons / day.

Recycling - wheat and rye.